Win a Brand New Hyundai i30 N-Line

Welcome to the ‘Drive It Home’ Car Draw, hosted by Buncrana Golf Club!
Get ready to rev up your chances of winning big while supporting our
club's future. With our eyes set on enhancing the Buncrana Golf Club
experience, we're thrilled to offer you the opportunity to drive off in style
with a brand-new Hyundai i30N from Diver’s Hyundai. Your ticket not only
enters you into the draw but also contributes to vital investments in our
club, including the much-needed refurbishment of our clubhouse. Join us
in this exciting journey as we pave the way for future generations to excel
in golf and foster a vibrant community spirit. Don't miss out on your
chance to be part of something extraordinary. Purchase your tickets today
and let's ‘Drive It Home’ together!

What are we fundraising for?

Your ticket purchase does more than just enter you into the draw; it supports crucial investments in our club. This includes the essential refurbishment of our clubhouse, a project that will enhance our facilities for current and future generations of golfers. By joining us on this exciting journey, you’re helping to foster a vibrant community spirit and paving the way for golfing excellence. Don’t miss this opportunity to contribute to something truly extraordinary. Buy your tickets now and let’s ‘Drive It Home’ together!

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